Depending on the unique advantages of British traditional equipment manufacturing industry, Knect has set up a production and R&D base in UK.

Knect covers a diverse portfolio of products and services and are ISO 9001 certified. The scope of certification includes equipment for municipal initial rainwater collection and treatment, urban drainage network flushing and flow management, river and lake renovation and industrial waste water treatment as well as Connector Assemblies and Precision Engineered products.

Our flexible, bespoke manufacturing service affords us the opportunity to offer small batch production in conjunction with higher volume requirements.

Our diverse international management team collectively have 100's of years' experience servicing the Water Industry sector at many levels. In addition to this with the expertise and core skills of our in-house engineering team, Knect supports clients' process engineering needs, from single day mini-projects to major capital investment programs. We have been dedicated to the development of a concise, efficient and durable water treatment system and to cost-effective solutions for water pollution in communities. Our technology and equipment have been put into operation and successfully operated on a National and International basis.

Knect is not only a well-known manufacturer of water treatment equipment in UK, but also an outstanding company for R&D and production of rainfall flood control equipment globally. The emphasis on developing international markets has seen successful installations of Knect equipment located around the world.

We have representatives in many countries, including P.R.C, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. With the recent development of the Peoples Republic of China's environmental protection policies covering water quality improvement, our products have been installed in many Chinese municipalities with the approval of Central and Local Government. We are developing a broad interest across the market with enormous potential for our product range.

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